Member Pledge

Member Pledge
CtSQC members jointly pledge to:

  • Work collaboratively and collegially to create a community of learning and continuous process improvement
  • Commit to developing and implementing a surgical Quality and Process Improvement program at their institutions
  • Work jointly to provide the highest level of safety and quality for all patients
  • Respect the confidentiality of patients and Collaborative members
  • Conduct themselves with highest levels of integrity

Benefit of the Collaborative

  • Through this collaboration all Connecticut Hospitals will participate in quality initiatives to improve quality and lower healthcare costs.
  • We have several examples, thus far, which highlight short-term successes in reducing complications in our patient population
  • The use of the Surgical Safety Checklist was instituted through a team training program in one of our hospitals to reduce the overall post-surgical complication rate by over 60%
  • Surgical Unit Safety Prevention (SUSP)
  • Enhanced Reliability After Surgery (ERAS)
  • High Reliability

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