ERAS Hospitals

“Enhanced Recovery After Surgery” (ERAS) protocols are designed to provide a safer, more efficient experience for patients undergoing surgery. In doing so, they discard many out-of-date processes such as not eating or drinking anything after midnight, for more science based processes such as realizing that allowing certain balanced salt and carbohydrate drinks before a surgery actually allows for better nutrition and hydration, leading to a better recovery.

Other changes include customizing antibiotics to an individual hospital and patient environment, and maximizing use of non-narcotic pain control techniques. Utilizing the minimum amount of narcotic possible leads to faster return of bowel function, faster ambulation and faster release from the hospital.

There are over 800,000 articles demonstrating that ERAS improves almost every aspect of patient care. Connecticut is the first and only state in the country to have commitment from all hospitals to develop ERAS protocols.

Philip R Corvo MD MA FACS
President & Co-Founder, Connecticut Surgical Quality Collaborative

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