• CtSQC Fundamentals of Research Learning Event


    The CtSQC is setting up an informal group to learn the fundamentals of research. Clinicians from all disciplines bring skill, enthusiasm and invaluable insite on how to improve care as well as processes. Many are essential in the implementation of such programs. Yet, their success stories and tools fo the trade are unpublished due to lack of training in research review and statistical analysis.

    We will dissect the JAMA Surg 2017: Association of Patient Frality with increased Morbidity after Common Ambulatory General Surgery Operations article (will be sent under separate cover) paper and explain the statistical analysis in basic language with ample opportunities for clarification.

    The first session will be at St. Mary’s Hospital in Waterbury at 4:00pm led by Philip Corvo, MD, Chairman of Surgery at SMHMC and past president of the CtSQC. After the holidays, we will resume in January at an alternate location with different educators such as Dr. David Shapiro from St. Francis or Middlesex hosted by a research assistant.

    If you would like to nominate an individual to lead the discussion and offer to reserve a room at your facility, we welcome the opportunity. You can also submit a journal paper for review. There are no hard and fast rules.

    Please feel free to forward this to anyone interested, all you need is an appetite for learning. Afterwards, those interested can adjourn to a local restaurant for further discussion.

    Organized by Mary Ann Mecca-Monahan PA-C

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