• The Role of the Anesthesiologist and CRNA in ERAS Pathways


    Dr Scott is a consultant in anaesthesia and perioperative care with an interest in Upper and Lower GI major cancer surgery. He was one of the first clinicians in the UK to adopt ERAS and has championed it ever since. He was appointed a Clinical Advisor in Enhanced Recovery for NHS Improvement in 2012. Mike has a keen research interest and has been investigator / Chief Investigator for multiple studies in analgesia, haemodynamic monitoring and fluid therapy within an ERAS Protocol. The BJS paper on an-algesia in laparoscopic colorectal surgery won the Farndon Prize. He has given over 30 National and International Lectures on Enhanced Recovery. He has an interest in the metabolic response to illness and is about to run some studies in long acting starches and insulin response and dietary nitrates (from beet-root) and oxygen utilisation in colorectal cancer patients.

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